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Rate processes on fractals: Theory, simulations, and experiments
Jul 23, 1985 . conclusion is that the pores of glass filter-paper indeed are fractal-like while those of cellulose filter-paper appear not to have a fractal geometry .

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Small CPW-fed triple band microstrip monopole antenna for WLAN ...
CONCLUSION. A dual-mode square-patch filter with Koch fractal-shaped slots and . B.B. Mandelbrot, The fractal geometry of nature, Freeman, San Fran- cisco, CA, 1982. . water, sugar, salt, and cellulose [1] with heating device. However, .

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Surface analysis of paper documents damaged by foxing
and/or heavy-metal-induced degradation of cellulose and sizing materials. In the present work . characterise membrane filters and felts, paper ultimately be- ing a felt of cellulose . the framework of fractal geometry [9]. Furthermore, it is rea- .

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fractal geometry cellulose filters, AR 71913
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The fractal nature of Escherichia coli biological flocs - ScienceDirect
Fractal geometry, a study of shapes made up of smaller repeating patterns, has . were filtered with a 0.45-?m cellulose acetate membrane filter prior to use.

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Effect of fractal dimension on drug permeation through porous ...
Jan 2, 1998 . Fractal geometry was applied to quantify the complexity of an internal . with ethylcellulose (EC) and diethylphthalate (DEP) as a plasticizer. . ?) and covered with filter paper to allow a moderate evaporation of solvent for 24 h .

LOGAN. BRUCE E., AND DANIEL B. WILKINSON. Fractal geometry ...
Fractal geometry of marine snow and other biological . terium which attaches with cellulosic fibers that resist . of Nuclepore filters for counting bacteria by flu- .

Bruce E. Logan - Penn State University
Integrated hydrogen production process from cellulose by combining dark fermentation, . The use of nylon and glass fiber filter separators with different pore sizes in . Fractal geometry of marine snow and other biological aggregates.

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Porometry, porosimetry, image analysis and void network modelling ...
glass fibre macro- and meso-porous filters of various types. The comparisons . absolute gas permeabilities for track etch, cellulose nitrate and sintered powder filters. & 2011 Published . pores and throats, and a secondary fractal pore system. 2. . constrictions and other deviations from a cylindrical geometry. By analogy .

Reanalysis of Solute Retention on Immobilized Human Serum ...
Mar 4, 1999 . Cellulose, Lignin, Paper, and Other Wood Products · Chemistry of Synthetic High . A mathematical development based on the fractal geometry of . Genetic Algorithm-Based Protocol for Coupling Digital Filtering and Partial .

Thermoreversible Gelation of Aqueous Methylcellulose Solutions
eter (RFS II) in the cone and plate geometry (cone angle ) . The solutions were filtered through 0.45 Ám Millipore filters . fractal dimension is about 1.8).

Observations of the Sensitivity of Beam Attenuation to Particle Size ...
fractal geometry, for which the mass of a particle scales with diameter raised to . weighed Millipore 8.0?mm SCWP (cellulose acetate) filters were used in the .

Determining particle size distributions in the inhalable size range for ...
A 102 mm mixed cellulose ester (MCE) filter was placed on the support pads. . particles exhibit the complex fractal geometry characteristic of diesel exhaust .

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Keywords: fibrous filters, deposition, resuspension, fractal dimension, . behavior are the dynamics of the deposit structure growth and its geometrical form. . of restitution, for example, is greater for synthetic polymers or cellulose than this .
Filter media, including those prepared from cellulosic materials, often suffer from . (2006), a geometric tortuosity factor ?G sometimes can be estimated . Fractal concepts can permit elegant descriptions related to the structure of porous .

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Energy Transfer in Solid Solutions and on Fractal Polymer Surfaces
Nov 20, 1990 . filters of cellulose nitrate as an object of study. The radiationless transfer . geometrical aspects by the use of the Df parameter. In a first step we .

Characterising latex particles and fractal aggregates using image ...
years fractal geometry has been developed to describe irregular structures . All of the buffers were filtered with a 0.45 lm cellulose acetate membrane filter.

The use of fine sediment fractal dimensions and colour to determine ...
to loss on ignition, the determination of fractal dimension and particle colour . After filtering the suspensions through glass microfibre filters, the dried filter . For colour scanning, 0.45-Am Sartorius cellulose nitrate and polyamide membrane . Fractal geometry of particle aggregates generated in water and wastewater .

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