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International Window Film Association |
New Interpretation of Commercial Vehicle Tint Law. America's Big Rig Truckers Get The '10-4' From the DOT For Window Film Use In Cabs to Help Prevent Skin .

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FAQ - Automotive Tint
Nov 4, 2009 . What are the laws of automotive window tinting? . Ontario - For the driver's compartment, right and left, no film can be installed that would .

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Tint Laws
Sep 4, 2011 . Window Tint Laws. . 35 % Net - Light that is measured both through the film and car window. Example 4 inches / 35 % Film / 15 % Net / 5 . Ontario Vague / Vague / ANY / ANY / 198x. Note : Has vague law. Law simply says .

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Legal Window Tint in Ontario on 2009 Mustang - Ford Mustang Forums
I am going to get my 2009 white mustang tinted tomorrow. The legal limit in Ontario is 35% I was just wondering if this is too light? Should I go .

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Canadian Automotive Tint Laws
Canadian Automotive Tint Laws . Ontario - For the driver's compartment, right and left, no film can be installed that would substantially obscure visibility from the .

How dark should I tint the windows on my car? [Archive ...
Does tinting the window void the warranty of a car? Doubtful since it can be removed if needed. Also, Ontario tinting laws are very vague, unlike .

Canadian Window Tint Laws |
Canadian laws can be strict when it comes to tinted windows. Rules and . Violating window film laws in Ontario or Quebec will result in a ticket. In Ontario .

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act
modifications as long as they don't make the vehicle "unsafe" according to the statutes . currently considering whether there is a need to make laws governing . You also can't put tint film on the windshield, left front, or right front windows that .

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Ticket Issued to Out-of-State Driver for Violation of State Window ...
Can a Michigan police officer issue a ticket to a Ontario plated vehicle & driver for having window tint that is NOT legal in Michigan, but IS legal .

Toronto Auto Tinting Let Me Teach You Something
Mar 15, 2010 . I quickly load google, and search 'car tinting toronto' and as a first response I . In Ontario, we enjoy the highest legal limits for vehicular tinting.

Car Window Tinting Laws - Tint Wizard
Window Tinting laws vary from province to province and state to state. Before installing any window film on any vehicle, consult your local law enforcement, as these laws are . ONTARIO, FILM, 15 CM, VAGUE, ANY, ANY, ANY, ANY, YES .

Window tint laws by State - Page 5 - Dodge Avenger Forum - Forums ...
Dam, you guys have light tint laws down there in the USA. I'm up here in Canada. Southern Ontario. My car is 5% tint on the back doors, and .

State Window Tinting Laws
If they can't see what's going on inside a vehicle in a traffic stop, they could . Anyone know the law regarding window tint in Ontario, Canada?

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Tinted Windows & Other Vehicle Violations
1) TINTED WINDOWS -The 35% Window Tint Law in Maryland means that the TOTAL amount of light being transmitted through the glass of a motor vehicle .

Going to the dark side, Car Counselor discusses tinting - Lifestyle ...
Apr 5, 2012 . Lifestyle Going to the dark side, Car Counselor discusses tinting by Brian Turner. . "In Ontario the Tint laws are very vague. The law reads that .,+Car+Counselor+discusses+tinting

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Highway Traffic Act Section 182 |
Section 182 of the Act outlines laws designed to limit the ways in which a driver . The law prohibits vehicle owners from tinting windows if the actual tinting . The Highway Traffic Act is legislation enacted in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Window Tinting Rules & Laws
The post is about the laws & rules and we don't need a noob coming in . NB ( pretty similar laws for tint) whose car was registered in Ontario.

New automotive window-tinting law for South Australia (insurance ...
Jan 19, 2010 . New automotive window-tinting law for South Australia (insurance, how . Nova Scotia for example I think any tinting is illegal, while in Ontario .

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